Smoke-free environment

All Federation University Australia campuses are completely smoke-free.

We recognise the adverse effects of smoking, including passive smoking, and the rights of staff and students to work and study in a safe and healthy environment which is smoke-free.

No smoking is permitted on our campuses, or within buildings and facilities. This includes all outdoor areas such as gardens, sporting grounds and car parks.

Please help to keep our campuses smoke-free:

  • Refrain from smoking on our campuses. Campus boundaries are outlined on these maps - Camp Street, Gippsland, Mt Helen, SMB and Wimmera.
  • Inform visitors that our campuses are smoke-free and seek their co-operation.
  • If you see someone smoking on campus, inform them (politely) that our campuses are smoke-free.

Staff and students are encouraged to attend quit-smoking programs, and may find the following useful:

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