Changing your graduation details or preferences

Deferring graduation

You can choose to defer your graduation to the next semester's graduation for your School. You cannot continue to defer your graduation: this can only be done once. Should you not graduate in person after deferring once, you will automatically graduate in absentia.

Please contact the Graduation Office on (03) 5327 9012 or email if you wish to defer.


If you have paid but cannot attend your ceremony and now wish to graduate In Absentia, your money (or part thereof) may be refunded, provided that the Graduation Office is advised in writing at least four weeks prior to the ceremony. If no advice is received prior to the graduation ceremony, your degree will be mailed to you.  No refund will be issued as costs have already been incurred.

Changing your name details

The name used at graduation and printed on your testamur will be the name written on your Application for a University Sealed Certificate form. Any changes to your name must be advised by completing an Address / Name Change form with appropriate proof (ie. passport, birth certificate etc). These changes must be recorded on an Address/Name Change form, and be lodged with your Application for a University Sealed Certificate form.