Exam venues

Exams can be spread over multiple venues on the same campus, so it is vital that all students refer to their personal exam timetable for their allocated venue.

Visit Our campuses for maps and further information about where the exam venues are located.

Mt Helen

Theory exams may be held in any classroom across campus, though they are generally held in:

Main venues Smaller venues 1:1 venues
T202-204/Open Space
Top floor of T building (170 seats)

Beside the tennis courts (257 seats) 

Q2/Sport & Recreation Centre
Basketball stadium (312 seats) 
Y017/Training Room (12 seats)
Y243/Classroom (12 seats)

Y244/PC Lab (12 seats)
B905/Classroom (11 seats)
Q612/Classroom* (12 seats)






*Q612/Classroom can be accessed by the door at the rear of the building or the main entrance.

For any other exam types with special venue requirements (practical, oral, etc) please see the exam timetable and contact your school for further details.

Mt Helen Campus Map (pdf, 1.4mb)

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Theory exams may be held in any classroom across campus, though they are generally held in:

Main venue Smaller venues 1:1 venues
3E/Auditorium (261 seats) 3E/Small Room*: connected to auditorium (12 seats)

1E-213/PC Lab (12 seats)
4N: 210/225/265

*3E/Small Room is accessible via the foyer.

Students requiring a single exam room will be advised of their exam location on the day of their exam (e.g. 4N-210, 4N-225, 4N-265, etc). Students meet their supervisor at their designated venue.

Gippsland Campus map (pdf, 1.6mb)

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In Semester 1, 2018, theory exams will be held both on and off-campus. You must refer to your personal exam timetable, as the correct venue and locations must be attended.

Main venue On-campus
Main venues
Smaller venues
1:1 venues

Cranbourne Turf Club
Grant St, Cranbourne
Legends Room, Ground Floor
(302 seats)

Building 903/G87/Classroom (40 seats) Building 903-1141/Classroom (12 seats)
Building 902-G96/PC Lab (12 seats)
Building 903-G87

Berwick Campus map (pdf, 36kb)

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TAFE partners

Students are advised to consult with their particular location for all venue information.


A network of exam venues are available for students with an enrolment type of 'ODL' (online learning), who are required to sit an exam. Students in this category are advised of their exam arrangements via email, including the exam venue location addresses. More information about off-campus student exams can be found at Off-campus student exams.

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