Personal safety

Personal safety checklist

The following suggestions may assist you while on campus after hours.

  • Do not make yourself a target at night - keep mobile phones, iPods, laptops, headphones, etc, out of sight
  • Only take essential items with you when visiting the campus
  • Move around the campus in pairs or groups
  • Stay on well lit and popular walkways
  • Do not allow unknown persons to follow you into buildings requiring an access card or key
  • Park only in well-lit car parks close to your work area
  • Know the location of your nearest emergency post
  • Consider asking a Security Officer to escort you, if you are concerned for your safety
  • Program the security and emergency numbers into your mobile phone.

Request an on-campus security escort

If, at any time, you require a Security Officer to escort you anywhere on campus, call the appropriate number below.

Ballarat Campus - extension 6333 or call 5327 6333
Berwick Campus - call 9905 3059
Gippsland Campus
- extension 26662 or call 5122 6662
Horsham Campus
- call 5382 0560 or 0417 820 560