Exam breach

An exam breach is academic misconduct and occurs when a student tries to gain an unfair advantage in an assessment - in other words, cheating. The rules can be found under University Legislation (Regulation 6.1(pdf, 9kb) and Statue 5.3 The Schedule Part 1 (pdf, 21kb)).

What happens if I am charged with an exam breach?

At the conclusion of the exam you will be formally notified that you have been reported for an alleged exam breach. You will be asked to provide a written statement, which may be used in the determination of any disciplinary action.

The exam supervisor then reports the alleged breach, in writing, to your Dean.

You will have an opportunity to present your response to the alleged breach. This may be in the form of a written submission to the Dean prior to the hearing.

The Dean will make a time, date and place for the hearing with you. They must ensure that you have been given 7 days prior notice of the hearing. You must also be provided with all the evidence that is being used to change you with the breach, this may include: a copy of the breach notice, copies of any confiscated documents, copies of any photographs taken of evidence and its location, copies of any statements that may have been obtained from exam supervisors or academic staff present in the exam venue.

N.B. The exam supervisor may confiscate, at any time, any material they reasonably believe is not allowed in the examination room.

When you are called to a hearing

You may have a support person (non-legally trained) with you.  This person is only an observer who must not speak unless invited by the individual responsible for conducting the hearing.  A representative from the Student Advisory Service may attend the hearing with you if you have no other support person.