More about printing

What can I do on the printer/copiers?

Once you have swiped your card to access a printer, you can:

  • print all or some of your documents from the print queue
  • scan a document to your FedUni email
  • delete any of your documents from the print queue

If you leave a print job unprinted, it will be automatically deleted after 8 hours without incurring a charge.

My printouts didn't show up on the printer. What should I do?

Select the 'List Update' option on the printer. If your print job still doesn't appear you will need to reprint your document again.

What happens if the print job goes wrong or the printer jams?

Log off the printer and visit the library information desk as soon as you can to have your account credited with the amount.

Will someone be able to print with my lost ID card?

They will only have access to print documents you currently have in the queue. Getting a replacement card as soon as possible will cancel the lost card for library and printing privileges.