Discrimination and harassment

Your rights as students and staff at FedUni

FedUni recognises that being treated unfairly can have damaging effects on students and staff. At FedUni you can expect:

  • not to be treated unfairly (discriminated against) because of your:
    agerace, colour, nationality or ethnicitybreastfeedingsexual orientation
    disabilitystatus as parent or carergender identitylawful sexual activity
    physical featuresreligious belief or activitypregnancyintersex status
    sexpolitical belief or activitymarital statusindustrial activity
  • not to be harassed (made to feel intimidated, offended or humiliated) because of any of the above characteristics
  • not to be subjected to sexual harassment
  • to receive appropriate flexibility eg because of a disability or pregnancy, or for carer, religious or cultural responsibilities
  • to have your concerns about discriminatory treatment or harassment dealt with promptly and fairly.

Your responsibilities as students and staff at FedUni

FedUni expects students and staff to play their part in making FedUni inclusive and free from harassment and discrimination.

You need to recognise that when you enrol or sign an employment contract at FedUni, you sign on to FedUni expectations on how you treat other members of the FedUni community.

Within any FedUni activity, you must make sure that what you say and do doesn't discriminate against, or have the potential to make, a student, staff member, or other person feel intimidated, humiliated or offended (harassed), either on a sexual basis (sexual harassment) or on the basis of any of the characteristics listed above.

Staff have some additional responsibilities:
Within the scope of your particular role, you are required to provide appropriate flexibility for students and staff (for example, because of disability, pregnancy, carer, religious or cultural responsibilities).

Some staff (including managers, supervisors, teachers and academics) have additional responsibilities. Depending on your role it may be your responsibility to make sure that the staff and students you are responsible for know, and are accountable for, their own responsibilities. You may also be required to act on concerns that are brought to your attention.

Fact sheet

Discrimination and Harassment - Your rights and responsibilities at FedUni (PDF, 609kb).

Discrimination and Harassment - Your rights and responsibilities at FedUni (Word, 26kb). Edited for screen reader accessibility.