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Education Partnerships

FedUni believes that exposure to, and experience in, a wide range of schools is a key component in developing personal characteristics essential to being an effective teacher. A network of 800 partner institutions provide placement opportunities in diverse regional, remote, peri-urban, metropolitan and international settings.

This network includes a special group of Professional Development Partnership Schools where pre-service teachers are given extended placement opportunities. This allows pre-service teachers to integrate into the school community, assume classroom responsibilities and learn how the school establishes its routines and professional obligations.

Overseas placement opportunities include schools in Fiji, Papua New Guinea, China and the UK.

Meet Rachel Kennedy

Bachelor of Education (Primary F-6)

"I was so fortunate to be given the opportunity to explore a different country and immerse myself in schools in England and Wales. This placement gave me a new found confidence and the challenge to adapt to a different school setting."

Meet Jarred Lee

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education

"It taught me the importance of school as not only being a place to educate but a safe place for students. My mentor teacher stressed the importance of being a role model, and treating the students as a family. The students' wellbeing is paramount."

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