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Exhibition presented by The Lost Ones Gallery, Camp Street, Ballarat

Fabulous Maude

Six graduates from our visual arts school are featured in this exhibition presented by The Lost Ones Gallery.

The exhibition celebrates the work of Maude Glover Fleay (1869 - 1965) through the eyes of a group of contemporary female artists from Ballarat. Their work reinterprets her life and passion as a botanical artist. Through diverse mediums, it examines the similarities and contrasts faced by female artists in Australia today.

Graduates on display in this exhibition are Claire Blake, Suzanne McRae, Pauline O'Shannesy Dowling, Kat Ratcliff, Louisa West and Kim Anderson, who is a finalist in the Paul Guest Drawing Prize at the Bendigo Art Gallery, opening in June.

Visit The Lost Ones Gallery before 1 July to get a big dose of fabulous.