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Vocaleze - Develop and enhance your communication skills

Develop and enhance your communication skills with this two-day, on-campus short course (four workshops).

Date: May 2018
Location: Arts Academy, Old Law Courts Building, Camp Street, Ballarat
Cost: Individual price TBA
Time: Weekend, two days
Place are limited

Corporate packages available: Workshops tailored to your organisational needs, offered both on- and off-campus; corporate cost one day from $3000 (max. six participants), or two days from $4500 (max. 10 participants).

If you’re like most people, you probably feel self-conscious or anxious presenting to an audience. The ability to remain present and alive in the moment helps you to engage your audience, and consequently influences outcomes. These intensive workshops will explore the connections between thoughts and emotions, and how we can best use our body and voices to communicate.

Whether you are an academic, a professional presenter, working in a corporate or business environment, discover how these simple techniques can help you to relax, yet empower you to have impact. You will have the opportunity to test your new skills in a supportive, friendly environment.

Previous Vocaleze participants have said…

  • I wanted to improve my presentation skills…this workshop went beyond my expectations
  • Understanding how posture impacts the voice will enable me to make small changes to better project my voice
  • It has given me confidence that what I am saying is interesting and important, and I don’t need to feel apologetic taking time to deliver it

Meet the workshop facilitator - Julianne Eveleigh

I have been working as a voice and speech coach for over 20 years. My work focuses on the dynamic relationship between vocal and physical expression, and in developing their subtle connections to enhance our communication of thoughts and emotions. As a qualified Alexander Technique teacher, working with the embodied voice is a great joy as I work with the whole person in activity.

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