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Art and Design Workshops - Folio preparation

Date: August - September 2018
Location: Camp Street Campus, Ballarat
Time: 9am-4.30pm
Cost: Soon to be announced (2017 fee $100)

This workshop is designed for VCE, mature-age and direct entry prospective art students. It aims to assist you in planning and developing a quality folio of artwork to present at an interview for entry into a tertiary visual arts program in 2019.

Practical sessions will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, and in formulating ideas to improve your artistic concepts of visual and design language.

Participants benefit from hands-on sessions that combine open-ended activities of two-dimensional and design concepts. Together with this experience, you will gain insight into the art school environment at an advanced level.

Program includes

  • Insight into art in our society; adding perspective to past and present art forms and how they unite and support aspects of art education
  • Working across a broad spectrum of drawing where the emphasis will be on developing insightful hand-eye coordination and observation skills that relate to tertiary studies (A life model will be part of this session)
  • Concepts in design and imagery and their required outcomes
  • A tour of student spaces and the campus art gallery, the Post Office Gallery
  • Overview of communication design and visual arts requirements within a tertiary setting
  • Outline of folio selection and interview processes including a mock interview

Register your interest

Please send us an email indicating which short course you wish to undertake, and we will let you know when it is next scheduled.