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Bachelor of Applied Creative Arts

Bachelor of Applied Creative Arts

With this diverse program behind you, your creativity will know no bounds. Train in visual arts, performing arts, or creative writing, to ignite your creative life in collaboration with your community.


This course brings creativity, education and industry together in an entirely new model of tertiary arts education. Train in visual arts, performing arts or creative writing to create diverse artwork and collaborate in your community. This degree has been introduced to meet the needs of creative people who want to work in partnership with other creatives, communities, the creative industries and government.

Study topics

With the option to choose between three disciplines, performing arts, visual arts and creative writing, your study will involve collaborative workshops, face-to-face studio work and artwork projects. Much of your learning will take place off-campus and working in partnership with artists and organisations. Your learning plan will include rigorous skills training in your chosen artistic discipline, and the opportunity to make work with, and for, your community, whomever or wherever that might be.

Over the three-year program, you will develop the skills to collaborate with diverse partners, using a contemporary values-based approach to engaging with communities. You will embark on the creative ride of a lifetime, working with leading Australian practitioners in your field and be introduced to the major arts organisations doing this work.

Year 1

Immerse yourself in skills development in your chosen creative discipline; Visual arts, performing arts, or creative writing. As your own artist identity emerges, you will learn to work collaboratively with peers and with senior artists to explore the power of art in the world to embark on your own journey of artistic expression, cultural leadership and management.

Year 2

Skills development continues at your pace to allow you to put your developing skills and artistic identity into practice. Artworks projects will test your ideas, values, skills and your ability and to express them outside of the studio, in the community. Under the guidance of leading practitioners and art workers, you will bring this experience back to the classroom to consolidate your knowledge of the industry and of society.

Year 3

Focussing on work place experience, your own group or individual projects, and working with senior artists, you will bring your developed skills into real life situations including opportunities to lead and facilitate others experience of artmaking and creativity. Your understanding and practical demonstration of how artistic practice can make a difference in communities and organisations will provide you with contacts, networks and will build a solid beginning for your professional career.

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