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Applied creative arts

New in 2019 - With this diverse program behind you, your creativity will know no bounds. Train in visual arts, performing arts, or creative writing, to ignite your creative life in collaboration with your community.

Coming to you in 2019, the Bachelor of Applied Creative Arts brings creativity, education and industry together in an entirely new model of tertiary arts education.

Train in visual arts, performing arts or creative writing to create diverse artwork and collaborate in your community. This degree has been introduced to meet the needs of creative people who want to work in partnership with other creatives, communities, the creative industries and government.

Your study will involve collaborative workshops, face-to-face studio work and artwork projects. Over the three-year program, you will develop the skills to collaborate with diverse partners, using a contemporary values-based approach to engaging with communities. Much of your learning will take place off-campus and working in partnership with artists and organisations.

Embark on your journey of artistic expression, cultural leadership and management.