BCTCThe University is committed to reducing the consumption of electricity and natural gas in an effort to lower utility costs and greenhouse gas emissions. The University has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 25% in the past 10 years (including 15% in the past 2 years).

Over the coming months the University will install solar, LED light fittings, variable speed drives on pumps, new gas boilers and air-conditioning plant.

The Building and Construction Centre (pictured) north windows incorporate solar panels in the windows and it's the largest display of its type in the Southern Hemisphere. To the end of 2010 the panels generated over 35,000 kilowatt hours of energy back into the grid.

Greener Buildings Program

Over the past 18 months the University has embarked on an ambitious program to reduce greenhouse gas emissons and operating costs with the following installations that have reduced GHG emissions by 17%, energy consumption by 14% and operating costs by $544K per year. We've also made a 2 min video hightlighting Greener buildings.

ProgramCostROIEmissions saved per year
Solar Y Program (92kw)$110,0006 yrs140 tonnes
Solar Horsham campus (70 kw)$115,0005 yrs150 tonnes
LED lighting$822,0003 yrs1,920 tonnes
Variable speed drives$117,0003 yrs160 tonnes
Horsham Chiller & BMS$238,0006 yrs140 tonnes
Smart water meters$10,0003 yrsNA
Gas boiler upgrades$839,00015 yrs510 tonnes

Solar Dashboard

In March 2015, Horsham campus installed a 70 kilowatt (280 panels) solar system.  The system will reduce GHG emissions by 116 tonnes and save $ 20,000 on electricity costs each year.

Click on the link to see the solar dashboard.  The dashboard shows live, daily, monthly and YTD energy generation.