Records Management System (ECM)

What is ECM?

ECM is the University's corporate records management system for the capture and management of electronic business records created or received by staff.

ECM is currently being rolled out across the University, focussing on specific record types including University Committee Agenda, Minutes, Papers and VET and Higher Education Qualification records.

Where possible, electronic records which are created by an approved corporate business system (i.e. MyFinance) should be stored in that system. To determine if your records should be stored in ECM, please contact Records Management Services.

Why use ECM?

  • Records are stored in a central repository making them easily accessible and visible to you and other authorised staff, thus reducing the amount of time staff spend looking for records.
  • Information can be easily shared with colleagues by being in one location and not spread across multiple departmental network drives.
  • Improves and supports business efficiency by ensuring the right information is available when required.
  • The capture of records into ECM provides evidence of business activities and why decisions were made.
  • Version control maintains a complete history of the record.
  • Removes the need to print off records and store on a physical file.
  • Meets the legislative requirements of the Public Records Act Victoria 1973.

What should not be stored in ECM?

  • Student records
  • Learning resources
  • Reference material, such as reports, journal articles or other items downloaded from external websites

Computer requirements

ECM is compatible with all devices connected to the University network. Currently ECM has been tested on Apple iPad, Surface Pro tablets and Windows PCs.

ECM is compatible with Internet Explorer and Chrome browsers.

As a browser-based product, there is no installation of software required on PCs / tablets or smart phones.

Requesting access to ECM

Prior to your account being activated, you are required to complete the online ECM training available on the Records Management and ECM Moodle page. Please note: You will need to contact Records Management Services for the enrolment key.

The training is broken down into 7 short tutorials covering the main functions of logging in, configuring the system, searching, adding documents, editing and using the task list.

Once you have watched the tutorials, you will need to complete a short quiz.

Upon successful completion of the quiz, Records Management Services will activate your account.

Level of access

All staff are provided with basic user access. Additional security permissions will need to be requested in writing from your Manager.

Additional training and support

Additional systems training is available by contacting Records Management Services via

ECM training material, including the User Guide and Quick Access Guides, are available from the Records Management and ECM Moodle page.

Further information

For assistance with setting up ECM for your business area, or for any other questions regarding the use of ECM, please contact Records Management Services via