Making room bookings 2016

This guide is designed to assist staff in placing casual bookings through the web room booking system.

Any additional queries should be directed to Central Timetabling.

Basic room bookings
Open the Web Room Booking System for either the meeting rooms, Ballarat and Wimmera teaching spaces or Gippsland teaching spaces links from Room bookings.

NOTE: If you receive a security certificate warning please click the 'Continue Anyway' option.
WEB Bookings 
Log in using your Federation University Australia Novell username and password WRB login 
The room booking home page will be displayed WRB home 
In the Location section (section 1), select options from the capacity/building/campus or space type filters – you can use any combination of filters that suit you. However less detail is better if you are having trouble finding the room you require. If you require a large room the capacity must be set to a higher size to find suitable spaces. WRB location 
Click on "Click here to view filtered spaces" link to display rooms matching your selection criteria.
 If you require a specific room it may be selected here. Otherwise all rooms will be searched and returned based on their availability at the day/time you have specified.
WRB filtered spaces 
In the Date section (section 2), select the date.
In the Time section (section 3) select the start time and duration of the activity, then click the "Next" button at the bottom right of the screen.
NOTE: The Duration (second box in the time section) is for the length of the booking e.g.: 1:00 is 1 hour not 1am.
WRB date time 
Check that your time, location and description details are correct and the room meets your requirements.
Note: The room resources page is a good resource for determining if a room is suitable.  This site includes room details such as capacity, contents and a picture of the room where available.

After reviewing your booking click the "Select" button.
WRB rooms 
All fields in the information screen are mandatory
The email address and name fields default to the logged-in user. 
Fill in the boxes with your information – you can change the booker's name if required but not the email address. Select the 'Make Booking' button at the bottom right of the screen.
WRB fields 
A success window will now be displayed with the booking details.
A 'Booking Received' email will forward automatically to inform you that the booking has been sent to timetabling staff to be processed.
Note: The booking is not to be treated as confirmed until you receive a confirmation email which is sent when the activity has been scheduled.
You will be contacted if there is a clash or query regarding your booking.

The 'Book Another' button allows you to select another room or time retaining  your information.
WRB success 
If you receive a booking error, click the back button on the browser, wait 10 seconds and try again.
If you continue to experience difficulty please contact Central Timetabling.
Trouble shooting "No Options Found"
If the 'No Options Found' message appears after you select 'Next' from the main booking page this indicates that the room is not available for part or all of the time you have requested. WRB no options 
Click on the "check for other times" link under the message to view alternative times the room is available that day, or click on the blue calendar icon.
The blue calendar icon will display the room's timetable for the week you have requested.
You can then select an appropriate time or choose another room. 
Room availability timetables can also be generated via the web server.
WRB rooms 
Cancel or view your bookings
You can view or cancel your current bookings by clicking on the "my bookings" link at the bottom of each page. 
To change an existing booking, either cancel and rebook it or contact Central Timetabling with the reference number, date and time and the required changes. 
The "Book a space" link will take you back to the beginning of the room booking process.
WRB options 
Making multiple or recurring bookings

Recurring bookings on the same day:

Follow the steps in the basic room booking instructions above.

When selecting the date, click on the "Click here to select multiple days/weeks" link. 
e.g.:  for a meeting that occurs fortnightly on Mondays, select the Monday check box and the weeks the meeting occurs in the weeks starting box. 
You must hold down the CTRL KEY to select multiple weeks.

Once you have selected the day/s and required weeks continue as per basic room booking instructions.
WRB recurring 

Week block or multiple day bookings:

Follow the steps in the basic room booking instructions above.

When selecting the date, click on the "Click here to select multiple days/weeks" link. 
Select the days and the week/s you require the booking.  e.g.:  for a two week daily booking, select Monday – Friday check box's and the two weeks you require in the weeks starting box.
Please note: All class bookings should be submitted to Central Timetabling via the School timetabler – (a contact list is available on our contact us page ).
You must hold down the CTRL KEY to select multiple weeks.
Continue as per basic room booking instructions.
WRB block 
NOTE:  You cannot book different days over more than one week – eg: Monday this week and Tuesday next week. This must be done in two separate bookings.