Workshop session one: 1:30pm - 2:45pm

Theories of change

Workshop Outline: A theory of change is based on an analysis of what we see the problems in the world as being, a dream of how the world could be different and then the creation of a map showing how to actually change the world from the world we have to the world we want to see. In this workshop participants will get the chance to reflect on their underlying assumptions and beliefs about how change happens and explore a variety of different theories of change. The Australian Youth Climate Coalition is Australia’s largest youth led organisation taking action on climate change.

Facilitated by Laura Melville, AYCC

Creating change creatively

Workshop Outline: Mahatma Gandhi famously said “Be the change you want to see in the world”. This session will help you to make your change-making ideas a reality by brainstorming, developing your ideas and finding their creative angles. It will also encourage you to examine your projects and decide what to Ditch, Deliver or Do Differently. You will hear about creative projects that have worked, like a community V Buddhist monks’ cricket match in an arts festival, a cultural awareness cycling/photography project and more.

Changing culture to achieve gender equality

We all have unconscious biases based on a variety of factors; what are yours? This interactive and engaging workshop run by Grampians Women’s Health will explore gender equality as well as the notion of unconscious bias and transformational change. Far from being theory-based, this workshop will build your leadership toolkit, providing you with practical ideas, resources, and strategies to apply in your personal and professional lives as leaders.

Facilitated by Marianne Hendron & Kate Souter, Grampians Women’s Health

Impact Leadership

Workshop Outline:

Impact leaders have a high awareness of their individual purpose and business mission. They inspire and transform their teams and organisations, and positively impact society at large.   Impact leadership includes identifying and solving a social issue while fostering employee engagement, increasing customer participation, and boosting performance. They are leaders who adhere to conscious business philosophies and practices.Some leaders are born with certain traits, qualities and attributes, others nurture their leadership abilities through education, work and life experiences. This workshop will explore the traits and attributes of impact leadership, review and share some neuro-leadership tools and get you started on your leadership journey

Facilitated by Anoushka Gungadin

Workshop session two: 3:00pm - 4:15pm

Adding the magic to event management to successfully engage your audience

Workshop Outline:

Join Leighton for an interactive session, as he leads you through a discussion to dispel the myth of “If you build it, they will come”. You will start by exploring the core elements of event management, and then hear from Leighton how to add the magic to engage your audience in a successful experience. In this workshop participants will gain knowledge of planning events through case studies of familiar Stonecutters social events, developing your tool kit to then be able to plug in the same skills and theories into your own campaigns and projects for change.

Facilitated by Leighton Fee

Five steps to changing the world

Workshop Outline:

Got an amazing idea to change the world but not a clue where to start? The concept of making societal change can be pretty overwhelming, like standing looking at a giant mountain and not knowing how you will ever climb over it. Annika will help you to take a big project and start breaking it down into small achievable chunks. Just like climbing the mountain, changing the world starts with one small step - change a life, a group, a thought first and the rest will come. As an engaging and well-practiced facilitator, Annika will use her own experience of volunteering in Kenyan schools and how it inspired her to work towards, single-handedly changing the face of education resources in Africa.

Sparking change & planning campaigns

Workshop Outline: “It is better to light a candle, than to curse the darkness" - Eleanor Roosevelt. Have you ever seen an issue in your community & wondered why nobody has done anything? Do you feel like you hear a lot of complaining, but very little constructive action? How do we break the constant cycle of negative news? You have the ability to light the spark that could generate the positive change your community needs, and being at university is no barrier to your potential to have an impact! Explore what a successful campaign requires, including vision development, goal setting, team building and resource management to generate engagement on-the-ground and online. Together we’ll consider what can charge your initial idea into tangible awareness & action, which can drive the positive change we need in our communities.

Facilitated by Jess Kelly

Overcoming limiting beliefs - Learning courtesy of my kelpies

Workshop Outline: Most of us have had the experience of being a learner. We have all at some stage been placed in a situation where we've faced a steep learning curve. It’s an uncomfortable space, one that seems to tap our doubts and uncertainties. The good news is that there’s quite a lot known about learning, including what’s likely to facilitate it, and what can hold us back. This session will help unpack some of what’s known about how you can succeed as a learner even when the task at hand is daunting. Join Maryanne as she unpacks her own particular story of being placed in the seat of ‘the learner’ as a "wannabe dog trialler” and also meet her kelpie dogs, who helped her push through her self-imposed limitations to finally take the competition field.

Facilitated by Maryanne Martin

Please note: Many of these workshops will be running simultaneously. Workshop session 1 will run from 1:30pm till 2:45pm. Workshop session 2 will run from 3:00pm till 4:15pm. Once you have registered for the conference, you will be contacted to pre-register for your preferred workshops.