Reflection Sessions

Throughout the second day of the conference, delegates will have the opportunity to choose from a range of action sessions and workshops. Although most sessions are transferable to a variety of situations, we have highlighted four leadership themes: Personal, Community, Business and Political, in order for you to choose the ones that best match your interests.

Make sure you read all the descriptions and facilitator bios so you can make the right choices for you!

Understanding yourself to build others and your projects

Session Outline: Have you ever stopped to actually take the time to talk about what you're good at? Or perhaps even what's not working so well? Do you have a mentor already or are you a mentor yourself? Come along and explore what makes you you, in a positive environment where we'll look at enhancing your strengths and developing your weaknesses through a workshop on personal qualities and the opportunities that lay in successful mentoring partnerships!

Facilitated by Jess Kelly

Change from the inside out - Living on purpose

Session Outline: What does it take to live a rich, meaningful and fulfilling life? What do you want your life to stand for? What truly matters to you? What values underpin your dreams and goals?? Join Kate in exploring your own answers to these fundamental questions of life by drawing from the fields of psychology, neurobiolody, and mindfulness. This will be a dynamic, engaging, and hands-on session that will help you to clarify what it takes to stay on track when faced with difficult choices and strengthen your ability to stay on track and be true to yourself by identifying your own core values.

Facilitated by Kate Skilbeck

Who Am I?

Session Outline: To understand yourself is to understand where you stand in the world. If you are able to see your strengths and weaknesses, this can assist you to make choices towards a direction in life. This ultimately help you understand what feels comfortable and what you would like to change to be the ‘you’ that you aspire to. In this session, you will complete a Myers-Briggs personality types inventory and then examine how your results fit in with your personal vision and change making goals.

Facilitated by: Golden Key Society

Finding your tribe & building your team

Session Outline:

Any idea for change is more powerful with a posse behind it. This workshop will explore the inner facets of networking and identifying the key stakeholders you need to passionately and purposefully bring your goals and ideas to life. It will provide you with the tools to clearly identify who you need on your team, where to locate them and how to effortlessly create offers that are simply too good for them to refuse. It will also support you with practical steps to establish ongoing relationships in leadership and life that are empowering, authentic, and destined for success. If you dream of building a community of engaged people around you, this one is for you.

Facilitated by Johanna Parker, Heart Sparks

Know your “map”

Session Outline: Join experienced facilitator, Maryanne Martin, to learn about how your "map" of reality influences the result you get, and don't get, day by day, week by week. Our "map" is made up of our beliefs, our values, and our sense of personal identity. Most of us don’t consciously think about our "map" and yet it has a profound impact on our life experience. The good news is that with increased awareness of our "map" we can learn to be more flexible and adaptive to change and make a positive difference to ourselves and the world at large.

Facilitated by Maryanne Martin

Please note: Many of these sessions will be running simultaneously 10:15am - 11:45am. When we have finalised the time of each session, we will list the details in the conference program. Once registered, you will be contacted to pre-register for your preferred sessions.